Winter Is Coming: Tips To Prepare For Colder Weather

As summer sets and fall is around the corner, it’s time to prepare for the upcoming colder weather. Here are some quick tips so you can enjoy the fall and winter seasons in comfort.

Shop For Fall And Winter Clothing

Technology changes, keeping you warmer with less bulk in your outfit. Keep an eye out for fall jacket and winter coat sales to save money while looking good. Add a pair of winter boots or Uggs, and you’ll be able to survive the coldest weather this winter. As they say in Norway: there isn’t bad weather, only inappropriate clothing.

Keep Your House Clean

Even though you’ll be huddled up inside all winter, doesn’t mean you should neglect the outside of your home. As fall ends and winter begins, follow this checklist to maintain your home and keep everything working all winter long.

Upgrade Your Car To An SUV

SUVs are built for the tougher terrain and inclement weather. The top SUVs come with all the bells and whistles you'd want for colder weather: heated steering wheels, all-wheel drive, remote start to get the heater running, and many other great upgrades to make life a little easier when the weather turns frigid.

Change Your Tires

Winter tires will help your car get traction in the snow and other winter weather. Buying winter tires is often overlooked and is an easy way to increase your safety during snowstorms this winter.

Prevent The Flu; Get A Flu Shot Early

Flu shots can help you avoid feeling miserable in the cold weather. A week of running noses, coughing, drowsiness and other common flu symptoms can be avoided by getting a flu shot and stocking up on flu remedies. Stay healthy this winter!

Plan A Ski Trip

Embrace the activities you can only enjoy during the colder weather. Pack up the car, head up the mountain and spend the day in the fresh air. Skiing, snowboarding, and hiking are a few adventures you can plan. It will feel good to get up and move around during the cold!