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Polarity Technologies Ltd. is a leading worldwide search marketing company, working with Yahoo, Google, and Bing, reaching highly-engaged search users around the world. Across our properties, we've worked with Fortune 500 companies, delivering reach and performance.

Global reach across the latest ad formats,
delivered directly to consumers.

Our team of 60 experts creates content for consumers interested in finance, health, insurance, education, home improvement and other popular categories. Our users engage daily and return to our properties regularly for updated content and new offers.

Polarity Technologies Ltd. understands the balance of user experience and marketing to consumers. This balance ensures great performance on your ad campaigns and returning customers to your products.

Who is Polarity Technologies Ltd.?

Polarity Technologies Ltd. is one of the fastest growing online marketing companies in the world. By combining highly-engaged audiences and expertly-written content, our users return to our properties daily. With more than a decade of experience connecting consumers with advertisers, we know how to get advertisers in front of the right users, at the right time.

How Does Polarity Technologies Ltd.
Know When To Show My Ad?

Our extensive user behavior database evaluates user behavior and trends, layered with demographic data, to show contextually relevant ads to the right user. Ad spend is no longer about where your ad shows and is now about who sees your ad. Our feedback system ensures users engage with your search result advertisement. This multi-layered approach delivers high-quality traffic over the user's lifetime.

Where Will My Ads Be Shown?

Polarity Technologies Ltd. operates a large owned & operated audience with over 20 million monthly active unique users across some of the most valued consumer markets. These users are highly-engaged and continue to return to brands associated with our properties.

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